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SoundSpiral Audio consists of two professional recording studios, located in downtown Kouvola and in the soothing countryside of Koria, in southern Finland. SoundSpiral Audio features album production with dedication and modern equipment.

Music is my passion and the main focus is on making a big, yet natural sound in an intimate setting.


-Juho Räihä / Founder and the main dude at SoundSpiral-



The start, and arguably the most important part of the whole production process. My main focus lies here and I'll make sure you give your best while tracking your songs. A good tune performed with passion and intensity will always make your head bob. Starting at 250€ per day (VAT 24% included) I will make sure your song reaches the ears with the character and precision it deserves.



The most creative part for me, the audio engineer/producer. Here is where your record comes to life and I get the opportunity to sprinkle some fairy dust on the songs. My main goal is to make the album sound stunning, and most importantly, the way YOU imagined it. At 250€ per song* (VAT 24% included) you'll get professional mixing fitted to your vision.



The final touch of the process. In mastering I'll make sure your album plays smoothly from start to finish and is able to compete with other professional releases both in level as well as in frequency balance. It is important to me to discuss with you, the artist, what kind of mastering is preferred. We don't need to squeeze the living crap out of your record if you don't want to. At approximately 40€/song (VAT 24% included) I'll provide you with a DDP file ready for duplication.