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SoundSpiral Audio is run in two locations. Studio A in Kouvola and Studio B in Koria. SoundSpiral A is a full production facility with a space where you can record and mix everything from full drum sets to whispering vocals. SoundSpiral B is specialised for overdub recording, re-amping, mixing and mastering.

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SoundSpiral Audio got its first spark well over a decade ago at Heinola, a small town in the southern part of Finland. First recording my own band Gloria Mortis demos and then working on the music of friends at our beloved rehearsal complex Rulla. My dedication was soon noticed at the local youth club and I landed my first steady audio job as the in-house engineer at 16 years of age.

After gathering as much musical knowledge and know-how as possible I was asked to join Melodic Metal group Before the Dawn and in no time I was recording and mixing albums in much bigger circles.


After fifteen years of playing in bands and working with a broad range of Metal acts, I decided to take the next logical step and drop my anchor. I found myself running a recording studio in the small city of Kouvola.


Nowdays, whenever I'm not working at the studio, I'm playing guitar with Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart (session), Hallatar, Gloria Morti and Riverside Syndicate.

I provide a recording, mixing and mastering service that specialises in working on Metal and Rock acts' albums and live appearences. I work from a band members perspective and the most important thing for me as an audio engineer is to help people make records they themselves can be proud of.


-Juho Räihä-

Mixing and Mastering


Album productions

Apple 27" iMac

Most of SoundSpirals sessions are recorded, mixed and mastered using an Apple iMac fitted with the latest version of Reaper DAW.



Apple Mac mini

All of the sessions that require portability are recorded using an Apple Mac mini.

Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, AKG...

Microphones used are modern and of professional quality. To name a few favourites: Royer Labs R-121, Shure SM57, AKG C414, Shure 7b, AKG 451C, Audio-Technica AE2500...




I just love the character of the legendary Shure SM57 and you will see me put one up a little here and there. "If it doesn't sound fitting thru a 57, there is something wrong with the source". 


Audient ASP880 is the workhorse at SoundSpiral Audio. Pristine and uncolored 8 channel mic-pre with great detail. Tube-Tech MEC-1A on the other hand is the definite cornerstone. The assortment is accompanied by 16 channels of presonus mic pres.




Just like with the 57, you'll see me reaching for this baby more often than not. The Tube-Tech is an unparalleled tube driven channelstrip with top notch eq and optical compressor. This is hands down one of the best pre-amps for vocals ever made (at least in my opinion). It also has a character that makes almost every source shine. It's like fairy dust on your sound.

Genelec, Avantone, Sennheiser...

While recording, I tend to hone in the sounds with Genelec 8040. But when mixing, it is important to check the mixes thru as many systems as possible. I have three pairs of speakers and two sets of headphones connected at all times.


"Grot boxes"

I have a set of active Avantone mixcubes which I love. There is no point in mixing thru a five million dollar system exclusively if your listeners are using Apple earbuds or the speakers in their laptops.


I believe in modern software that is updated regularly. Reaper has been my weapon of choise for some time now.



Pro Tools

I used to use Pro Tools for over ten years before the switch. I'll happily use PT when needed.

Amps, Cabs, Instruments...

Guitar amps: Diezel Herbert, Laboga Mr. Hector, Engl Blackmore

Guitar cabs: Mesa Boogie 4x12" oversized (v30), Engl XXL 4x12" (v30), Blackstar 4x12"

Guitars: Jackson USA SL1 (w / EMG57), Amfisound Kaira 7-string (w/ Lundgren M7)

Snare drums: Yamaha 14" x 4" Maple Custom Absolute, Pearl Export 14" x 6,5"


Rental gear

Need something you or I don't have for a session? Don't hesitate to ask. I have a good network of colleques who will happily rent out their gear.